Yoga for lower back

Yoga For Lower Back

Yoga for lower back pain are on the One -to-One basis.

People’s experience of the sessions:

Munira Lalani says: I have had backpain for over ten years now.
Initially it was only the lower back that hurt but over the years it spread to my neck shoulders and arms
I tried various alternative treatments including visits to the chiropractor, osteopath, massage therapist and pilates.
Initially these seemed to help but nothing long term and nothing really helped to a significant level so I would lose interest and just began to accept that I would always have to live with a certain level of pain.
This meant I was unable to sit on the floor or carry anything heavier than 2kg. If I did any of these the pain and stiffness would increase. So I was in a yoyo state going backward and forwards but ultimately more backwards.

A few months ago I thought I would try yoga. I did a lot of research online and when I came across Dr Mala Gupta website I felt a sense of hope I was impressed with the good reviews.
At my first appointment I found Mala to be knowledgeable, very personable and caring in her approach. She really wanted me to get better and pain free. I was most touched when she said she “wanted to know how my body worked and feel what it was going through that is feel the pain ” I have every faith that I will get better as I am already beginning to feel more alive, more in touch with my body and more supple.
I am so very grateful to Mala for her amazing energy,and patience.

Hannah Young: Mala is a lovely caring yoga teacher and I love her classes. They are great for someone like me who has back problems and suffers from stress as the gentle movements are not too much and you can do the stretches to your own level. There is no pressure to feel you need to do more than you can. I feel more peaceful, relaxed and calm at the end and my back feels better too! Come along and find out, so much better than some yoga DVD’s I have tried at home which where too fast and exhausting and hurt me, but not Mala’s classes, they are great! I will keep going for as long as I can!

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