Post Natal Care

Treat yourself to postnatal care workshop with compassionate  Dr. Mala. Its important to know for every postnatal mum and her husband or partner. This is for life long health and well-being of mother. This is to attend by postnatal mum and her husband/partner.

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Postnatal period is first forty days after delivery. During this period postnatal women need some special care to recover properly.

What to expect in this workshop:

-Healing foods and certain foods to avoid

-Feed producing foods

-Importance of keeping warm and resting

-Simple recipe’s of postnatal food

-Importance of Postnatal massage which Dr. Mala can teach to husbands/partners- its easy and I did it to my daughter.

-Dos and Don’ts

Your baby is very welcome in the class.

It is a valuable time for yourself to rebalance your emotions and family bonding.

These classes are dedicated to healing physically, mentally and emotionally. They help new mums to use yoga as a way in self healing and finding rejuvenation. New mothers gain security, strength and support at every level of their being.

These classes focus to promote profound and lasting post-natal recovery, to engage with postural awareness and create lifelong wellness and vitality.


Classes aim to:

  • Open the chest and strengthen tired shoulders through gentle yoga stretches
  • Work on pelvic integrity and strength
  • Regain abdominal strength in a gentle and safe way
  • Create awareness to your posture to protect your back when lifting/holding your baby
  • Strengthen the lower back and release accumulated tension in the shoulders and upper back from so much holding, nursing and carrying through specific postnatal yoga exercises
  • Regenerate your flagging energy and provide time for you to nurture yourself
  • Lessen fatigue and aid in the recovery from child birth through range of relaxation techniques
  • Calm the mind and emotions
  • Under pinning empowerment, self acceptance and contentment

At the end of every session women feel relaxed, calm and rejuvenated; and they look forward for the next session.
This informal environment is heaven for new mothers.
Baby yoga includes gentle massage without oil; and gentle soothing stretches and movements as baby allows; and dancing with baby in the arms.Sessions are treat for both – mum and baby, fathers are welcome too.

Baby Massage:

Learn to massage your baby under expert guidance of Dr. Mala. Baby massage helps colic, wind release and induce better sleep. Baby massage could be started

Watch out this space. Details will be added soon.

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