Baby massage

Baby Massage is gentle soothing touch and comforting gentle strokes by loving oily/silky hands of the mother/father. It enhances baby’s comfort and deepens the bond between parent who is giving massage. It helps create bonding, loving connection to your baby and thus everlasting bonding.Power of touch is limitless. This is one of the best thing you could gift to your baby and invest towards baby’s well-being.

Benefits of Baby Massage and yoga:
-Induces better sleep
-Releases colic/trapped wind
-Soothes baby’s nerves and releases birth trauma
-Nourishes skin
-Skin is the largest organ, performs many vital functions. Baby massage enhances circulation in it and nourishes it and removes toxin from it.
-Helps strengthning muscles and ligaments
-Moves toxin, phlegm from the chest and improves breathing
-Power of loving touch – gives assurance, feels loved, calming and caring
-Oneness with parents (who massages baby) – mothers and father both could learn baby massage and extend their love to their baby – a huge extension of bond.A weekend baby massage workshop could be booked for busy fathers/mothers.
-Pawer of touch is limitless for baby’s well-being
Baby yoga include gentle stretches and movements as baby allows. Baby’s love it and is very enjoyable to parents. Benefits of Baby Yoga are enormous- a joyful time playful time, soothes baby’s body, releases stress, strengthens muscles and ligaments, improves breathing, nerve calming and deepens bonding between baby and parents which is ever lasting.

Sessions are held in warm, cozy, most comfortable and supportive environment with high levels of hygine standards.
Free parking facilities are available.

Dr. Mala learnt traditional Indian baby massage from her grandmother and mother in India; and further qualified in baby massage teaching diploma in London through ‘To Baby And Beyound’; and is DBS checked.

What New Mothers Say:
Fantastic sessions. Thank you Mala!
I would suggest it to everyone Katalin Hegyi-Nagy

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